Why Raw?

A raw diet doesn't need to be a radical movement which goes against the grain (excuse the pun), It can be a very simple movement back towards simple, uncomplicated , food appreciation in it's purest form. 

Bournemouth isn't necessarily the pioneering capital of the raw food/ conscious eating movement but we've been welcomed with intrigue and open minds. Sukha Lounge is around 50% raw so our menu is a combination of cooked and raw clean food, and our experience so far has shown that most people appreciate a combination diet; including the majority of our staff. However, as a 70% raw foodie myself I can definitely feel the difference in raw food vs cooked. 

A raw diet is a vibrant collection of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and the freshness and aliveness in uncooked food is visceral. These foods are nature's treasure, untouched, unprocessed and imbued with organic energy from the elements - and this is exactly what one feel's when this food becomes your body - you are suffused with the energy of the elements; this last sentence is potent: food becomes your body. 

You are what you eat. 

Raw, uncooked food retains all the vitamins and minerals present in the food  - it doesn't get lost in the cooking process. Food is still classed as raw if cooked below 40 degrees/ 108; heating above this will start to kill the nutrients in the food, especially enzymes that aid digestion. This I can vouch for in my own personal experience - digestion of uncooked foods is far easier on my weak digestion that cooked food, In addition, as my body works less to digest these foods, my energy levels are higher, my brain is sharper and i feel generally more sprightly. 

So why not fully raw? I also believe in elements of the Ayurvedic philosophies; and like anything in life - relationships/activities/diet/sleep patterns etc....one size doesn't fit all. Ayurveda proposes that all humans are the combination of 3 doshas - your constitution, body types; the theories I'll save for another post but in short - lifestyles can either balance or imbalance these doshas. So put briefly, my particular dosha - vata - is cold, dry and flighty. To balance these variables I need to ground, warm and moisture.....some home cooked soul food on occasion assists in this, my body appreciates it. 

Ultimately, its always up to the individual to feel into how food makes them feel. We've learnt here in Bournemouth, Dorset that the majority of our customers appreciate clean conscious food whether raw or cooked, but you can't help notice that our food does seem to stimulate an aliveness in them that they just can't resist sharing with you .......so long live that! 

Written by Juliette Oliver