Non Slip Yoga Mats

As Yoga teachers we are always asked which mats yoga teachers recommend. So we set ourselves the task of first considering what constitutes a good mat and then finding the best one. Firstly, the top variable is non slip, we’ve all experienced cheap mats covered in shiny chemicals that make down dogs an irritation rather than a pleasure. Secondly, chemical free; again there are many mats on the market that advertise as non slip yoga mats, but this is because they are covered in PVC which is a petroleum based product, which often contains heavy metals - not something you need on an inhalation.

This leads us nicely onto our third point; chemical free yoga mats, which are sustainable, eco friendly, and made from natural materials. In an era of prolific plastic production and waste, we should be minimising our usage and increasing our awareness of both the benefits to our own systems and ecosystems.

Finally, price. There are many beautiful, sustainable yoga mats and non slip yoga mats on the market nowadays but some do burn a whole in your pocket! And chances are the eco mats aren’t as long lasting as mass factory produced plastic mats - because they are plant based, therefore they’ll wear and go back to the Earth at some point. What a wonderful gift for all. But if they cost £90 a time this is an expensive cycle.

So in summary, our Eco Yoga mats were the result of our search; made in Scotland by Seona, and made from Natural materials : natural rubber from trees and Jute. The Jute provides and incredible non slip down dog and the natural rubber provides a comfortable cushion thin enough to not affect balance and thick enough for floor work.

And price? at half the price of many other non slip yoga mats and chemical free mats on the market, Our Eco Yoga mats are a conscious bargain at £42 …they will go back to the Earth but personally i’ve had mine for 3 years and it’s used alot! I actually prefer the rubber more worn as the feel of a little jute really does evoke the feeling of being directly in contact with Earth.

Written by Juliette