The Entire World Is a Projection - Everything Is Mind


As humans, we are pretty good at pinning blame on others for our discomfort or upset. Sometimes justified - humans make mistakes.

Alternatively, we are also pretty adept at pinning our desires and needs onto others - we can applause and admire as much as we denounce and diminish.

But what if we understood that everything we see, everything we touch and everything we experience is a projection?

Everything is mind.

A projection as in our perception of matter. Whether it’s a person, a place or a thing we always seem to have an opinion.

But where does this opinion originate?

From mind.

What is the mind?

Mostly conditioning and memory.

We think what we’ve been told, what we’ve learnt, how we’ve been conditioned.

The whole society conditions us from the cradle, labelling the world and its matter as definitive objects. It defines the entire cosmos into solid separate pieces of matter.

It’s said:

once you label a bird a bird you stop seeing it

This is, once you’ve labelled what you see, you stop seeing it for was it is, you see it as what you THINK it is.

Think about this…if you never knew the label for bird what would you see? Perhaps motion, colour, grace, which of course are also labels of language but they are less ultimate, put more simply, you’d see life. Life as it is in motion as a bundle of atoms.

So then, when we take away the labels of the cosmos: trees, planets, birds, rocks, humans, stars and on it goes…what we would then see is Quanta. Energy in motion.

As the great Alan Watts stated:

we bring the entire universe into being through our senses

Including ourselves. We are mind-made.

We learn who we are through the mirroring back of others, we learn the roles we play in that field and the many masks we wear.

But what happens when we close our eyes?

Or when we go to sleep?

The entire universe seems to dissolve.

Like the old enigma; When a tree falls in a forest, and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a noise?'

You need an eardrum for a vibration to be perceived as noise.

Likewise, you need a brain to perceive the light coming through a retina as a ‘something’. And how do we know that something? Through conditioning.

You need to know the label ‘table’ for example to perceive the matter of wood, assembled as a flat board with legs as a table.

Otherwise, you don't know what you see.

Your brain converts light into images.

Ultimately, the entire world is made up of your perception.

Without it, we are all cosmic dust.

So nothing is as it seems. Everything is as you are.

We need a labelled world to be able to navigate it, just like explorers need maps.

But we can keep in our awareness that everything we experience in the ‘outside world’ is a projection of our inner world. Then we can play around with receiving the world without putting all of our judgements on top - we can try receiving the moment and all it brings with the same innocence of a young child that hasn’t been told about the world yet - they are still discovering it.

Then we may find many of our opinions of others and situations aren’t so strong because we understand, we, they, it, are all made up of the same stuff. Not quantifiable as separate parts until labelled as such.

So next time we find ourselves labelling someone - whether positive or negative - let’s see if we can greet them first as if we know nothing of them, no preconceived ideas, just what is.

Instead of putting on the world, we can receive it.