How to Stop Slipping in Down Dog!


Every yoga teacher frequently experiences the frustration of students who can’t stop their perfect down dog slipping out of their hands! So here we shall go through our top tips to stop slipping and sliding in down dog…


Firstly, look at the mechanics of your down dog, as in how the hands, feet and hips are placed; fingers should be spread wide with the thumbs and little fingers grounded. Then, by pressing through the heels of the hands, resistance occurs as your hands act like breaks. Toes should be grounded with the heels extending towards the floor and reaching the hips up and back will take weight out of the shoulders, thus pressing less weight forward and preventing the hands from slipping in your down dog.


New mats will be freshly sprayed with chemicals (unless you’ve chosen an ECOMAT which is chemical-free), which give a veneer of gloss like substances intended to provide a sticky base. Trouble is, the newer the mat, the smoother it is and sweat just slides right over it. So, a good wash before use can help, or a few sprays with a mat spray (which can have the bonus of disguising the ‘not so pleasant’ aroma of chemical). Try to choose one with Tea Tree as it will also provide Anti Bac - see our Organic Essential oil sprays for delicious mixtures and fragrances.


There are mat towels ‘aplenty’ on the market nowadays, manufactured to grip the underside whilst providing an absorbent top for dripping sweat and tears (inevitable if you find yourself in a hip opening class) which make your down dog slip There’s a good review on the Shandalini Hot yoga towel by the Vegan Wifey. However, from personal experience, towels can take something away from feeling connected to the Earth, this is what sets Yoga apart from other exercises like aerobics or circuits - you get to drop and sink into the energy of ground.

Lastly, a very simple solution - wash your hands, especially if you are a fan of moisturising…all turns to oil once you sweat! Making grip in your dog down impossible. You can also apply magnesium powder, which is the secret tool of rock climbers and weight lifters to avoid slipping on your mat. We have our Patchouli and Lemongrass infused powders, which provide practical support along with delicious aromas to bring harmony to the mind.