How to Clean your Yoga Mat.

You’ll know if you are a hot yogi, an outdoor yogi or just a general ‘glistening’ yogi…that yoga mats absorb sweat and fluids like a sponge.

Overtime causing a very unappealing ‘old socks’ smell.

So how to clean your yoga mat keeping it linen fresh, and a pleasure to practice upon:

First, clean your yoga mat with a cloth and warm soapy water to remove any soiled areas from dirty feet and hands/ outdoors etc.

Next, dab dry with a towel, and then place the towel over the mat and roll up together so the mat can absorb excess fluid.

After which, air you mat outdoors so it can dry thoroughly.

Finally, spray with a natural Anti Bacterial spray such as Tea Tree to kill any germs.

For an added sprinkle of self-love and pleasure whilst cleaning your yoga mat, spray with an Anti-Bac spray that has other essential oils which appeal to the senses - try our Lemongrass and Patchouli blend which stimulates both the harmony and vitality responses in the brain.

Go through the deeper cleaning process every couple of months (or dependent on how much you practise), and in the interim, perhaps daily/weekly, keep up with spraying your mat with yoga mat spray to keep germs at bay and nothing but sweet smells being edited from your mat’s aura!