Perils of the GFV


AKA Gluten Free Vegan…enough already with the acronyms though  - sounds like a disease.

AND it can feel that way - I am that person…the awkward one to take out for dinner let alone cook for!

And no I don’t mean to be…

And no I don’t enjoy being ‘different’…

But I do enjoy feeling lighter, brighter, unencumbered.

But there’s two hurdles here for people  - one is to get over the Vegan thing and no, we don’t eat eggs, and then two is get over that yes I’m gluten free but not coeliac and no, there’s no real allergy but it’s not in my head.

And when I say ‘get over’ I mean it lightly, with a sense of humour, being Vegan is no longer really being ‘different’, the younger generation especially have got savvy to it being one of the cleanest diets around and they are more sensitive to mass production of meat, which means Vegans are becoming as common as vegetarians.

And as for Gluten Free, well it’s so well catered for that every single supermarket dedicates a little isle to it that you can never find without a store assistant.

But the GFV is still an obscure area, the majority of restaurants have become wonderfully creative at providing vegan dishes and GF options, but never together!

An Epicurian nightmare.

So hail Suhka Lounge! For all those GFVs who really dislike the label and the conversations that go something like this:

GFV: ‘do you have any Vegan cakes?’

BBT (busy but trying) : ‘oh yes we do …this one and the choc one’

GFV: ‘oh fab, are any of them GF?’

BBT: ‘ oh yes the cranberry one but that’s not vegan, but maybe the banana bread’

GFV: ‘Oh really, it has no egg?’

BBT: ‘er, no it does have egg. But vegans can eat egg?’

And on it goes. Now Sukha:

GFV:  ‘ Hi, do you have GF cakes?’

BBS (busy but smug) : ‘yes sure they are all vegan and GF’.

And actually they are all Raw – a health food – so guilt free’

(BBSS – busy but super smug):  ‘oh and yes they are all hand made here by us’ 

So that’s a day in the life. And as the old saying goes …’ if you want a thing done well, do it yourself’ .

So that’s what we do; we have the BEST GF sourdough in town  - not rubbery synthetic ‘make do’ bread; we have REAL BREAD. And we have cakes that are naturally gluten free  - in other words not full of sugar fillers and dried egg and milk powder. We have grown from the Earth- meant to be here- ingredients which are naturally Gluten Free: nuts, cacao, dates, coconut, maple, cacao…all the good stuff that the mother herself intended. 

Written by Juliette Oliver