We believe in hearty breakfasts….breakfasts so good that you can’t wait to get up in the morning! We too, love juices and superfoods but we don’t feel to post them here as they are ‘ten a penny’ on the web. This here, is the lovers guide to breakfast, finding the way to your own heart (still a very healthy way!) Treat yourself and enjoy.

Soul bowl 2: Angel Delight 😇 
This berry goodness is so simple, you can put all your time into making a really good coffee to go with it! (Coffee is a super-food 😈@badhandcoffee)

Soul Bowl 1: Angel delight

A bowl of pink berry goodness with vibrant mint to give you a gentle wake up.



These are by far the most sustaining breakfast we’ve come across as GF vegans. (one that doesn’t include awful GF bread).

You’ll know if you are GF how hard it is to find a breakfast like this which isn’t full of both dairy and gluten. So here is a gift to you…enjoy x


Buckwheat Pancake Stack

If you really want to get yourself leaping out of bed in the morning, these will do it. Buckwheat bliss which can either be savoury or sweet.


Soul Bowl 3: creamy greeny

A delicious blend of creamy avocado, mango, basil, and other tasty touches. What this is not is ‘neck it green’ in other words so bad it has to be downed! We’ve all experienced those: the quick fire way to get your greens in but they taste like ****. This is a dreamy, tasty blend that you don’t want to end.


Soul Bowl 2: Heavenly Cacao

An indulgent dive into what looks naughty but is genuinely nice…as in nice AND healthy.