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Creative vegan food and yoga products




We are mobile vegan caterers. specialising in raw cakes, Events Catering, and Ethical Products.

We can cater for events and celebrations upon request. We are well rehearsed in both sweet and savoury bites, thanks to running our own Vegan Cafè in Boscombe; we enjoyed this thoroughly for a couple of years before we realised our passion is more ‘Earth Based’ - closer to the ground, flexible, varied and adaptable. We still have a little base in Boscombe for making and creating - locals can collect from here or we can deliver.

Sukha Lounge began with Sukha Essentials which is our Yoga Products line; being in the yoga world for many years, teaching, learning and experiencing, we realised people yearn for the same chemical-free, earthy, ethical, natural products - just as they do with their food. We believe the world is becoming more conscious and therefore more sensitive - less passive to mass consumerism and subtle conditioning - and here is where Sukha has it’s heart; appealing to all senses, the sensitivity in taste, touch and feel. We orientate from quality and goodness and believe the world is becoming more discerning of knowing the opposite.

Therefore, here you will find a little mix of delectable, delicious, delightful little treats for both the body and the mind.




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We are based in Boscombe, Dorset.

vegan Catering

We can deliver within a 20 mile radius or collection can be made from our base in Boscombe.

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vegan Celebration Cakes

We have an abundance of Cake flavours and designs to choose from. All of our Cakes are Raw, Gluten free and refined sugar free. They are all bursting with flavour and vIbrancy! We take orders up to a week in advance.

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Cafès and Restaurants

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Vegan Bliss Balls/Snacks/Bars

If you would like to order some of our best little bits, we take orders in batches of 10 or over £30. These treats come in portion sizes to keep you going throughout the week. They all last a week fresh and can be frozen upon purchase.


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Vegan breakfasts/brunch

We do Breakfast/Brunch deliveries for locals within 5 miles of Boscombe. You can choose from a variety of Pancakes or Waffles - all Gluten free and vegan. Delectable Nut Butter toppings, Belgian Choc and a variety of berries and fruits.





We are based in Boscombe so collections are available also.

(For breakfasts We only take orders for over £30 - we do not do one portion pick ups/ drop offs)

Delivery Costs for within 5 miles of Bosombe are £5. Above 5 miles is £10. Further distances for delivery or for special events can be discussed.